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Highest plant reliability and a safe and uninterrupted operation are the most important parameters of heavy duty industrial fans. We know this and select and design our products and the installed fan equipment to match perfectly the individual demands, targets and environmental condition. Beside, we offer a verified improvement of efficiency and runnability. Sensible issues regarding the production process, like the reliability, are considered even during the selection and design phase. To secure the required continuous and uninterrupted process, we provide specified service- and operation manuals.


We care about our customer’s interests with great passion and a lot of commitment – not only before and during, but also after installation. Should there be any questions concerning the increase of efficiency, we advice and support even during the project planning and bidding phase. Our consulting services, focussing strongly on productivity, are mainly based on our customers’ actual needs. We design our service packages individually to provide our customers the maximum added value possible.


Reliability and the operation of modern production environments are two of the most vital factors regarding the economical success. To ensure the performance of complex industrial radial fans, we accompany our customers during the whole product life with pleasure. Sophisticated maintenance schedules signify minimal effort, reduce the non-operation period and guarantee the product’s profitability. Synchronized maintenance operations, inspections and an intelligent spare-part-service are determining factors for production. Excellent skilled employees and latest techniques of measurement secure your efficiency.


State of the art industrial plants do not only require absolute precision and meticulousness concerning safety, but also in the area of technical documentation, which sort of provides the base of a sustainable plant operation. In this context, we dedicate ourselves to this task. Our technical documentations comprise, individual and according to the customer’s requirements, all relevant information regarding our industrial fans. In a comprehensible manner, we keep record of complete information regarding the scope of delivery and all product lifecycle stages.