Our values


Our values, based on our history, are the baseline of all our actions and the essential drive of our company. With pragmatism as our brand essence, we stand for a solution-oriented mind-set and function, targeted actions and a clear long-term horizon. Thus we develop, by the means of our high quality standards and the deep expert knowledge of our employees, durable and thought-through products of highest quality and long lifetime.

By the means of a healthy growth, continuous development and foresighted decisions, we meet market demands with flexibility and set therefore the courses for future development. With our extensive “joy of innovation” we are always ready for new challenges and difficult tasks. Our distinguished technical competence offers the customer first-class products and a benefit beyond the pure product.

In doing so, we are always aware of our responsibility. Our employees, customers and providers profit by a trusting interaction, reliable and clear statements and a long-term horizon.