Repair, Maintenance and Spare-parts


With our thought-through maintenance- and service-plans, state-of-the-art measuring devices and the fitting spare- and wear-parts, we reduce your downtime to a minimum.As a rule, revision is done once a year. Our Service-staff comes for the pre-inspection and gathers all necessary repairs. After that, repair and/or replacement of the spare- and wear-parts is done. High operational requirements may lead to replacement of spare-parts like impellers, shafts or housings.

Spare parts for industrial fans:

  • Impeller
  • Housing
  • Inlet vane control units
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Wear parts like Bearing housings, coupling elements, coupling bolts, shaft seals, shaft sealing rings, compensators

You need services and/or spare parts for fans from Rothemühle or SpellnaFind more information.

24/7-Service-Hotline: 0800 - POLLRICH (0800-76557424)