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New Fans According to Old Plans, Pneumatic Conveying March 2019
Four new industrial fans were installed in a power plant in northeastern Mexico, replacing the existing over 40 years old systems. In spite of numerous refurbishments, the old fans from Rothemuehle had become inefficient and maintenance-intensive in the course of time. On this account, the operator had decided to replace the 1975 installed machines completely. By switching to two state-of-the-art fresh air fans and two new induced draft fans as well as the simultaneous implementation of the inlet vane control units from the old Rothemuehle concept to the low-maintenance and more simple POLLRICH design, higher plant efficiency was achieved with greatly reduced energy consumption.

Key challenges for cement fans
International Cement Review March 2019
Industrial fans play a key role in the cement industry and hold large opportunities in reducing the overall energy consumption of the whole plant. In the March issue of the International Cement Review, we discuss the main challenges and potential for industrial fans.
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Heavy duty fans for the Cement Industry
World Cement, Dec. 2018
POLLRICH is closely linked to the cement industry and is well - versed in its special requirements regarding efficiency, availability, and the performance of process fans. Well‑designed industrial fans and blowers help plant operators to lessen shutdown periods, reduce energy costs, and ensures safe and reliable production, which is vital for the cement production process.
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Maltery Fans
April 2018
Good, old whiskey and cool beer share some similarities: malt, processed from corn (usually barley,) is needed in the production process. This corn is germinated and afterwards dried. During the whole process, highest purity and quality is required. The supply of fresh air for the drying process, heated up to 120 °C, and the discharge of odour-laden air is vital for the whole process. The humid heat inside the kiln towers makes the highest demands on all installed components.
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Expanding Companies (German)
September 2017
POLLRICH and ROTAMILL inspire with energy-efficient solutions.
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111 Years Quality-Fans (German)
July 2017
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Focussing. Bundling. Future.
July 2016
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