Taylormade so called "plug-in fans" guarantee constant operation parameter, safe processes and a maximum in plant efficiency under continuous operation temperatures of 450 °C and more, e.g. at dryer application, yankee-hoods at paper machines or drying of plywood and MDF panelboards.

Plug-in fans

  • Impeller diameter from 280 up to 1.600 mm
  • Temperatures from -40 up to +650 °C
  • Volume flow up to 250.000 m³/h
  • Pressure-rise up to 10.000 Pa
  • Design: overhung arrangement
  • Single inlet design
  • Shaft Power up to over 200 kW
  • Bearings: grease or oil lubricated pedestal or encapsulated bearings
  • Mounting on bearing block (steel or concrete) freestanding for wall mounting
  • Installation: horizontal or vertical or inclined mounting

Special features:

In exceptional cases, higher performances are possible within this design. Just ask us – we’d like to help and advise you.

Examples of plug-in fans:

Fields of application for plug-in fans

The design is executed individually according to the customers requirements to ensure a perfect and easy installation and fit to the dryer device itself. Furnace-circulation fans are applicable in the drying technology, i. e. in the food and beverage industry, or behind furnaces. Another application is the plug-in fan in the dryer hood in the paper industry. POLLRICH supplies customized plug-and-play fans for this applications.