NEW: Fanguard®


POLLRICH goes smart: Sensing - Monitoring - Analysing - Recording - Technology

Everyone is talking about industry 4.0, even in mechanical engineering and plant construction. Being a manufacturer of heavy duty industrial fans with our own service-team, we know our customer’s problems and needs very well. Therefore, we’ve developed with our new smart fan monitoring system FANGUARD® an industry 4.0 solution for industrial fans and blowers.

FANGUARD® is a sophisticated system for monitoring centrifugal fans, 24/7.

  • Higher Productivity by optimised maintenance
  • Cost reduction by downtime prevention
  • Quick response to malfunctions
  • Digital control rounds
  • Important information at once and paperless
  • Easy analysis of the measured data

Plant operators profit by better competitiveness due to reduction of the maintenance costs, optimisation of maintenance strategies and downtime prevention. Thanks to easy handling, an intuitive interface and facile machine data read-out, control rounds can be carried out quick and easy. Data are transmitted via WiFi and can be read and valued by mobile devices. Continuous recording and measurement allow rapid troubleshooting, better planning of maintenance works and thus help to avoid standstills.


By analysing plant- and machine data, FANGUARD® allows longer service lives of the fans. The operating performance is increased by optimal exploitation of the residual life. Unnecessary downtimes can thus be avoided. Predictive troubleshooting helps to avoid ineffective maintenance works. Data and incidents are collected and analysed from various sources, an alarm is triggered.

FANGUARD® runs with various sensors to measure different operating data, like:

  • Rotation speed
  • Vibration velocity
  • Bearing temperature
  • Bearing vibration
  • 3 free sensors 4-20 mA
  • Bearing monitoring acc. DIN ISO 13373-3
  • Transmission of measured data via Modbus-TCP

Mobile devices are connected platform-independently. Thanks to easy mounting and installation and fool proof handling, the administration is quickly learned. Installation- and maintenance instructions as well as built-in components are integrated and available any time. In case of damage, errors are easily fixed, because the serviced engineer has access to the trend data. But in the best case, errors are prevented and fixed before major damage is caused. FANGUARD® supports the digital re-equipment of plants, but is also great for the modernisation of existing plants.

    The FANGUARD® App