Cement Industry


To produce first class cement the fans must be designed to avoid imbalance caused by cacking raw-powder combined with kiln cooling fans and topped by wear protected clinker cooling fans, covered with high end tungsten-carbide protection.

Special requirements for industrial fans used in the cement production process.

The harsh environment with abrasive and caking media sets a constant strain on all components, including the industrial fans and blowers. Furthermore, cement plants are mostly located in regions where sophisticated maintenance and repair is scarcely manageable. Therefore, robustness, low-maintenance and longevity of all parts of the industrial fans are key features for the cement manufacturing process.

For many years, POLLRICH is closely linked to the cement industry and is well versed in its very special requirements regarding efficiency, availability and performance of process fans. A well thought-out design of industrial fans and blowers helps the plant operators to lessen shutdown periods, reduce energy costs and ensures a safe and reliable production, which is vital for the cement production process.

Main fans in a typical cement installation:


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