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POLLRICH is a Leading Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Industrial Fans based in Germany.

With more than 100 years of experience in numerous projects worldwide, we supply custom-fit and low-maintenance industrial fans which secure our customer's processes and help to protect the health of staff. With our comprehensive expert knowledge in the area of ventilation technology and our high system expertise, even at very complex tasks, we offer tailor-made solutions, which help to increase our customer's productivity. Because "Living Productivity" is our mission.

Being a supplier of heavy duty centrifugal fans, reliability and first-class performance are understood. With a high quality of advice, in partnership with our customers, a competent 24/7-service and the latest technical documentations, we offer an additional benefit above and beyond the mere fan production.


Good, old whiskey and cool beer share some similarities: malt, processed from corn (usually barley,) is needed in the production process. This corn is...

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KHIMIA 2018 in Moscow 2018: a great opportunity for POLLRICH to make a lot of contacts for the Russian market.

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In the steel industry, a competent fan-service and an exact time management are most important factors to reduce standstill to a minimum. In various...

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